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What is Instructional Design?

A Nine-Step Systems Approach to
Instructional Design

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A comprehensive handbook on instructional systems development.

Instructional Design Methods & Techniques
Lists the steps in instructional development.

Instructional Design Models
School of Education, University of Colorado, Denver

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Piaget & Instructional Technology

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Theoretical Framework of Instructional Design

Cognitive Approaches to Instructional Design (1993)
B. Wilson, D. Jonassesn & P. Cole
University of Colorado, Denver.

A Proposed Reconciliation of Conservative and Liberal Approaches to Instructional Design (1992)
P Wallce , Curtain University of Technology
Australian Journal of Educational Technology, 9(1).

Research into Cognitive Load Theory and Instructional Design at University of New South Wales (1998)
G. Cooper, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Reflections on Constructivism and Instructional Design (1997)
B. Wilson, University of Colorado, Denver.
Instructional Design and the Internet/Web

Design Guidelines for the World Wide Web
A. Barron, B. Tomkins & D. Tai

Using Instructional Design Principles to Amplify Learning on the World Wide Web
D. Ritchie & B. Hoffman, San Diego State University.
Publications by M. David Merrill,
Department of Instructional Technology,
Utah State University.

1) First Principles of Instruction

2) Video Presentation on Designing 5-Star
Instruction: by D.M. Merrill

3) Instructional Transaction Theory (ITT):
Instructional Design Based on Knowledge Objects

4) Second Generation Instructional Design (ID2)
with Zhongmin Li and M.K. Jones in Educational Technology, 1991. 30(1), pp. 7-11.

5) ID Expert: A Second Generation Instructional Development
with the ID2 Research Group.

6) The IDXelerator: Learning-Centered Instructional Design
with B.M. Thompson.