Course Description:
The course discusses the major theories and concepts of management and educational management at all levels that could create successful schools and learning organizations. Among the topics that will be discussed include: managerial functions at the micro-levels in planning, organising, leading, controlling in the schools or learning organizations; and at the macro-levels such as general school management, roles and functions of educational managers, and leadership. The subject will attempt to discuss important resource for many aspects of educational management at a variety of levels and draw upon international perspectives based on selected case studies.
Students are encouraged to participate in the BLOG. Give you opinion on the subject, respond to the opinion of others and ask questions.

"The only stupid opinion is one that is not expressed".
"The only stupid question is one that is not asked".
The course examines basic concepts andt theories in educational management and relates them to contemporary policy and practice.
Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this subject, students are expected to be able to: